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a person that does the following

- only wears expensive brands and jewellery to TRY to impress
- brags about his/her "swag"
- always yells in a deep gangster voice
-generally a poser try hard
guy 1: yo bro look at my gucci and mah ed hardy got mah SWAGGER ON FULL ATTACK BRO!!

guy 2: holy! this guy is FLOATEEE haha !
by freshness/doom2036 November 07, 2011
a hipster monster, a person that goes the extra mile to be a hipster and ends up looking like a dumbass
guy 1:yo bro i was wearing pink socks before anyone bro!

guy 2: haha nah bro you a mainster!!!!
by freshness/doom2036 November 07, 2011

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