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2 definitions by freecandykids

1. adj. - A term used to classify anything lacking a clear definition or anything that at the time of use the user cannot find a fit definition for.

2. v. - A verb that can be used interchangeably with any verb in the english language.

3. n. - A yiddish errandboy.
1. "This isnt a watermelon color-scheme, I'd like to think of it as pasheesh."

2. "So i'm pasheeshing this bitch right, and just when shes about to pasheesh, her dad pasheeshes through the door and gives me the pasheeshing of my life."

3. "if that little pasheesh isn't back with my melons in 5 minutes, i swear ill pasheesh his ass.
by freecandykids July 03, 2003
7 2
1. n. a recently used condom secured by duct tape or a length of string to a person/animals mouth.

2. n. -ger. one who enjoys(or doesnt enjoybut does) eat semen from a freshly creamed condom

3. v. -orphasis. transformation undergone by a recently used condom when secured by duct tape or a length of string to a person/animals mouth causing it to become a feedbag.
1. "when i was done fucking that bitch i made myself some pop-tarts and watched her eat her feedbag inside out"

2. "most feedbaggers after a session or two realize that they have serious emotional damage from early childhood"

3. "lary watched as his condom completed its feedbagorphasis and emerged from its semen cocoon as a fully developed feedbag"
by freecandykids July 02, 2003
10 22