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An obsession with traveling. Not necessarily long distances.
"wonderlust king/queen" (depending on gender) someone
who travels without ceasing, usually from town to town in
order to find adventure and excitement.
waonderlust stems from a desire to escape routine and
college kid #1:"My ex dropped out of college when she met a wonderlust king."
college kid #2:"dude when i was in highschool i was a wonderlust king."
"no shit, i always thought you were a bit fucking wierd in the head"
"that shit was eye opening man, really my eyes were like totally opened to everything when I was a wonderlust kind"
"your mom opened my eyes... AFTER I FUCKED HER"
"fuck you"
"lol" :3
"I fucked your ex when you two were still dating"
"LOL" :3

kid #1: "wonderlust will totally change your perspective"
kid #2:"your mom changed my perspective... WHEN I FUCKED HER!"
"fuck you"
"lol" :3
by frank the wabbit June 29, 2010

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