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George "W" Bush - the "Decider", the "W" stands for war whore. First american known to not be elected as president but resides in the White House anyway, because daddy bush, and brother bush made it happen. Also known to be a deserter from military service to avoid serving in vietnam, head of the REDpublican Party of America, known to be a cocaine addict, known to be an alcoholic, suspected terrorist and coconspirator of 9/11, alleged war criminal and alleged murderer ( I got this info from the near 3/4 of a million dead people in Iraq, I consider it to be a reliable source), and known to be world's worst president ever, and the worlds most stupid idiot.
example: George "W" Bush is the war whore that started the unprovoked war in Iraq, while tooting cocaine and choking down another fifth of Jack Daniels, he conspired with others the tragedy of 9/11, despite being a stupid idiot, he illegally took office and has took great pride in his war crimes and is proud of each and every murder he is responsible for in Iraq. Being known to be the worst president ever, he has self proclaimed himself as the Decider, the world considers him to be a faggot because he doesn't care's who he is screwing over, man , woman, or innocent children, just as long as he get's paid profits for it at the pumps, he is willing to sacrafice others life's to make himself satans whore.
by frank lloyd richardson May 17, 2007

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