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Wrinkly, slimy, dangling vag lips complete with extra au jous.
That bitch's pussy is so used up it looks like she has a week old Arby's open-faced roast beef sandwich dangling from her crotch!
by frank from safeway July 07, 2011
A phenomenon that can occur to men's peni while engaging in a MMF (male-male-female) 3-some.
While DP (Double penetrating) the woman, a peni may sometimes go astray and flop out of it's respective slop socket. On rare occasions, when this occurs, the peni may also bounce, or prickochet, off the other wad-rod.
Dude, your cock just prickocheted off my jolly-log! Keep to your side of the taint-scape, you fag!!
by frank from safeway July 07, 2011
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