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(see New Jersey)
New Jersey is a real shithole!
by Foznots November 01, 2009
SHIBAF means "Should Have Initially Bought A Ford".
SHIBAF!!! Did you see that Honda fly through the guard rail when the brakes failed?

Dude, I was busy watching that Prius explode and missed the Honda!!! SHIBAF!!!!
by Foznots February 09, 2010
Day Labor Diego or DLD is a term for the illegal aliens who hang out by a corner somewhere to be picked up by contractors looking for cheep labor. DLD's usually huddle in packs.
I got a contract to build a wall on Main street. If I hire some Day Labor Diego, I can save money on labor and pocket the difference.

Those DLD's work cheep.
by Foznots March 09, 2010
1. Any site that encourages you to sign up and blog but immediately rejects every single post due to a vast set of obscure rules with an extremely broad interpretation.

2. Any site that regularly "SNUBS" those who fail to parrot the site's own self-aggrandizing scripts.

3. A web "PAGE" that "SNUBS" thus the term "SNUBPAGES"
Are you still blogging on that site you talked about?

Snubpages kept banning my material.
by Foznots April 25, 2010
The over consumption of blogging sites through excessive posting, reading or both.

A person who snarfleblogs is known as a snarfleblogger
I haven't seen your buddy in days. Is he snarfleblogging again?
by Foznots April 23, 2010
Socialist-networking is like social-networking but for communists, progressives, Democrats and liberals.

Socialist-networking sites are places for liberals to meet and berate conservatives and patriotic Americans.

Socialist-networks are intolerant of opposing points of view and those with conservative ideas will be insulted and eventually kicked off the site.
Sodahead is a socialist-networking site.
by Foznots March 08, 2011

(see shithole)
Wow, this shithole reminds me of New Jersey!
by Foznots November 01, 2009

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