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1. A game in which everyone in a circle passes a spliff, bong or other smokeage. Everyone puts five on it. Each time you take a hit you say "puff puff pass." If you fail to say it, cough or pass out, you're out of the rotation. The last person holding the smokeage keeps all the money.

2. A reminder that someone is holding and should pass.
Dude, you're camping on the bong. Puff puff pass.
by foxmajik October 28, 2004
A company in Beaverton, Oregon that was acquired by Solectron, famous for making up reasons for canning people. A great deal of people got their foot in the door of the tech industry by starting as a call center slob at Stream International.
"Dude I got canned from Stream today." "I guess you should try Pinkerton then."
by FoxMajik January 28, 2004
Putting in some money toward the purchase of an item or items. Usually indicates a willingness to contribute.
We're gonna puff puff pass, you got five on it?

I've got five on that pizza.
by foxmajik October 28, 2004
Exactly right. Origin: British english. Also "spot on."
Jane's prediction of fourth-quarter earnings was bang on.
by foxmajik October 28, 2004
A program written to show off the mad skillz of a coder, graphician and musician.
Second reality was the most amazing PC demo, it made us go WHOAH! Then there was Second Reality for the C64 and it made us go "touche`".
by FoxMajik January 28, 2004
A place where companies outsource customer service or technical support, ostensibly because it's cheaper than having in-house support. They are notorious for hiring anyone who can lift a headset and operate a keyboard and firing people for completely lame reasons whenever it is no longer proffitable to keep them or they are elligable for a pay increase. A large portion of the furry community works in call centers.
"I've worked in four or five call centers over the last few years. Maybe some day I'll get a real job," Rob said, then hit his Ready button to take another call.
by foxmajik October 28, 2004
1. A character from the Disney movie Pocahantes
2. A plushie made by Mattel that is very popular among plushies (plushophiles).
1. Meeko was a cute raccoon!
2. Did you spooge on my meeko?
by FoxMajik January 29, 2004

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