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The use of text/msn language in speech. Amazingly infuriating to people who never do it. Dangerously contagious. Does not go down well in job interviews, essays (except those on the decline of the english language), speeches and other activities associated with importance. Mostly used by wankers and pretenshioush ironic wankers (by the way, I only spelled it wrong on purpose to make you feel better), hence the name, wank-speech.
1. Billy "Your mum will be another notch on my bedpost, LOL!!!!"
Jim "You are an utter cock, Billy"

2. Billy "So what's the matter?"
Jim "Everybody hates you. What do you say to that?"
Billy "asdf..."

3. Jim "I ate your pie."
Billy "WTF Jim?!"

4. Jim "Do you think you're cool? You're not."
Billy "STFU Jim!"

5. Jim "If you are too busy to use actual words when you speak you should consider giving up on speech altogether you wanker. Save your wank-speak for msn. Especially megalolz."
by Fox JK January 09, 2009
when you get 2 prostitutes and one cups your balls from behind while the other sucks you off
i got a dutch teacup with the milkmans wife

i didnt know she was on the game?

so is mrs fletcher

youre kidding! soon even the children will catch on
by Fox JK October 17, 2006
See Strawberry cheesecake or Cherry danish but it is the same thing. The Pirate is another sexual act with which I was unfamiliar until I saw this website but I recommend reading up on it and by the way, practice DOES make perfect!!!
She deserved it. Give your girlfriend a clownface tonight!!!! She'll never call you a fucking slacker again!!
by Fox JK October 15, 2006
Horse shit
Cow shit
Dry shit
Can be used as an alternative to the word shit in absolutely any context.
You smell like sharn
You stepped in sharn
That was sharn
You are a sharny little haemmoroid
by Fox JK August 15, 2006
The female condition of being up the duff. The strongest argument for not being female in the battle of the sexes, mostly due to the pain caused by a child SPLITTING YOUR VAGINA IN SEVERAL PLACES AND MAKING YOU BLEEEEEEEEEED!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sorry mum.
She's in a state of pregnancy! She's up the duff! She's going to be in a helluva lot of pain in like 8 months 3 days! Better her than me. Thank you God, for bestowing upon me a boabie and not a bitch wrinkle.
by Fox JK January 21, 2009
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