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One of the shittiest places anyone will ever encounter in their whole life. Nobody fuckin likes it here, and if you say you do - you're lying! Who you kiddin??
For those of you men looking to get laid, keep looking. There are no women at Fort Irwin and the ones that are here fall into one of the following categories: fat and ugly, pregnant, or an alcoholic.

However, there is an AWESOME night club on base - Cock Wave, I mean, err Shock Wave! It's a cluster fuck of sausages and intoxicated soldiers who hate their lives because they are literally signed to a contract saying they must either live at Fort Irwin, or blow your brains out.
Once in a rare, rare while, you will meet someone who actually enjoys living in the fuckin desert. This person is automatically a douche bag and probably hasnt enjoyed much of anything in their life. If you ever meet this person, please tell them to go "fuck themselves" and keep moving.
Friend 1: "I feel so bad for Bill, he just got orders to Fort Irwin."
Friend 2: "Wow! That really sucks. I heard its the worst place on Earth."
by fort irwin ruined my life May 22, 2010
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