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Job corps is a magical place where everyone get along amd the staff are kind and never unfair or abusive. its pure heavan. the food is great and the campus is clean and tidy with constant cleaning crews keeping the campus beautiful.

If you want to be treated like a five year old on a daily bases and be verbally abused by the staff this is a place for you... everything you have seen on tv about job corps is completly false and sugar coated... this a place of mental torture.. full of unfriendly black ass-hole wanna be or former gangsters that will literaly jump you or threaten you for a NEWPORT cigarette... just wait until I really get started, the head staff are xactly the same way described the students unfriendly balck ghetto ass-holes who are full of themselves and more ignorent then a donkey, dont call me racict because im not im only pointing out the truth.. sure there are some respectible blacks here (very rare) they ususally get harrased by the other idiot blacks to join them and fight the white man.. and wait till i start talking about the white kids. A bunch of retardes whose soul purpose of living is myspace... ah job corps a place full of your typical 16-24 year old sexually deprived morons... a friend of mine got so frusterated with the staff and the black students always givving him hell for being a cripple that he self termenated from the center and later comitted suicide... THANK YOU JOB CORPS!!! YOU HAVE SUCCESSFULY DESTROYED ANOTHER POOR KIDS LIFE

by former job corps student June 16, 2009
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