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The disease that consumes the brains of young females, and makes them literally go insane. To be around a large group of these infected girls one mention of the name "Justin Bieber" will cause chaos and you would probably be trampled to death. These delusional tweens also believe that they will marry Justin Bieber, news flash that is not going to happen.
There is no known cure to "Bieber Fever" most likely it will be the next actress/singer to be queefed out of the murder machine that is disney.
Rabid fangirl: OmFG I <3 JuSTiN BiebR!1!!1! I'M gOinG tO MarrY HIm!!!1!!
Me: you are just an idiot with Bieber Fever, you will not marry Justin Bieber, you will most likely end up as an obese housewife with too many kids.
Rabid fangirl: *hysterical sobbing*

Rabid fangirl: Omfg Selena Gomez is dating Justin Bieber, I swear I'll kill her because she's a pedo slutbag with no life Gawd what a whore.
Me: you know it's people like you who make me look foward to dying alone.
by forever a nerd January 18, 2011
a channel dedicated to food and cooking shows, but as proven by Randy Marsh on South Park the food network also doubles as a porn channel

T.v.: "look at how the meat just falls off the bone"
Randy Marsh: aww fuck yeah thats hot *grabs blanket and proceeds to fap.

"I wasn't fapping to the food network
by forever a nerd January 07, 2011

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