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a carbon or metal device through which an electrical current is passed in order to subject substances to heat treatment that isolates and identifies the chemical composition of that substance
"what's the chemical composition of this substance? better use the old electrothermal atomizer..."
by forensics geek November 27, 2003
chemiluminescent compound that, when sprayed on even trace amounts of blood, reacts with the iron in the hemoglobin and causes the blood spot to glow with a blue light; effective even on surfaces that have been wiped clean of visible blood.
the luminol was sprayed on the car seat, and blood was found.
by forensics geek November 27, 2003
dark purple dye that stains skin cells on adhesive surfaces (such as duct tape). used for lifting fingerprints from surfaces. the term is often given, loosely, to all methyl violets
"can you use the gentian violet to bring out those prints?"
by forensics geek November 27, 2003
a mixture of copper chloride and hydrochloric acid.
hmm well i'm not quite sure what it does exactly, go look it up if you really need to know.
by forensics geek November 27, 2003
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