11 definitions by foolfromhell

the state of disgust caused by the realization that the dried date you are about to eat looks like a cockroach
Sid: I don't want to eat this...
Jerry: You're just suffering from pre-date jitters! That's not a cockroach...
by foolfromhell December 26, 2010
Delta Relationship : Noun : Signifying the change in a relationship.
Sid: "She went from hating me to tolerating me in a week! According to our delta relationship, if this reaction continues, we're married by the 4th of next month!"
by foolfromhell May 18, 2009
modeled after the jewish mafia, the indian mafia infiltrates the most critical industries throughout the united states to promote their well-being and influence
Don't mess with him, his uncle is in the Indian mafia and is a doctor
by foolfromhell October 01, 2013
A situation where two opposing sides are at a stalemate and have no hope of resolving the situation.
A zerg vs. zerg fight was a total cheesefest! The game went on forever!
by FoolFromHell July 10, 2008

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