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The most beautiful girl in the world.However she sometimes feels she isnt. All she might need is the right guy to come around to tell her how beautiful she rly is nd she could accept him or not.
Guy 1: Bianca your so beautiful <3.
Bianca H.: Thats not true your just being nice but thanks anyway :).
Guy1: Bianca im not joking your like an angel i fell for u the the night we met.
Bianca: Thats not true theres nuthin special about me im just normal.
Guy1: Bianca everythings special about you all you need is a guy to get that through too you.
Bianca:aww thats sweet.
Guy1: And as much as id like to be that guy i dont know what you think of me?
by fnumero24 August 22, 2008

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