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Short for Lost in Space Fan. A fan of the 1960s science fiction TV series Lost in Space.

This is also spelled as LISFAN, Lisfan, LIS fan, LISfan, LISFan, and so on.

This is also the name of the foremost fan magazine (or fanzine) for Lost in Space, which was published from 1981 to 1992. Lisfan is no longer published, but its publishing company Lisfan Press, will be coming out with new books in 2005.
He is a not a Star Trek fan, he is a LISfan.
by Flint Mitchell December 09, 2004
Combination of the term bible and robot. Someone who is an extreme christian fundamentalist.
He does not have an open mind: he is just a biblot.
by Flint Mitchell December 09, 2004
Niockname for White Castle hamburgers.
We had a bag of slimedoggies.
by flint mitchell March 15, 2005
Nickname for White Castle hamburgers. Named because of the gaseous emissions they cause when you eat them.
We had a sack of deathburgers.
by flint mitchell March 15, 2005

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