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it's a great respond to fixing a moment of silence lasting anywhere between 5 to 10 minutes. works great on dates. if said sarcastically, u will usually get a laugh & the funny thing is that it will stimulate a conversation.
we just sat there eating our dinner without much dinner conversation. i had to use one of my lines and said: "so what should we talk about?" she giggled and started babbling about something that happened at school, i pretended i was interested but i could stop staring at her cleavage. at the end of the night, she told me i was a great listener and conversationlist. hahhahahahahaa!
by flava_b November 27, 2008
it is the combonation of two somamuscle relaxer), and one bluesvalium. the blues is the cheese and the soma is the bread. i luv em. makes me feel like super ultra mega man. for higher tolerance poppers, i suggest the double blue cheese sandwich. talk about good times. try avoid driving tho because i personally know 3 people that get the munchies and crash their car because blue cheese sandwiches give you mad munchies but makes you slow motion while driving. not a good combe but blue cheese is 4 sho.
sweet, i am in no pain after poppin that blue cheese sandwich. i think im goin for the double blue cheese sandwich and then im going to burgerknig for some grumb and then pass out for about 14 hours. i feel bad for those people who have never tried these blue cheese sandwiches. they work wonders!
by flava_b November 27, 2008
a butch ass dyke lesbian. usually dressed in doc martins, flannel shits, sporting the mullet, has both nose and tongue piercing combined with visibly noticable tattoes to show how bad ass she is. they call thier tongues the lesbo tallywacker. tuff muff tattoed on your knuckles is the extreme case. trust me, i work with one. during sex they are usually the giver not the taker. she wears the strap on everytime, or she is always the stronger of the scissoring action. they love to pick fights with men by calling them breeders or camel foot.
look, that butch dyke is going to kick that dudes ass! she's trying to rip his tea bags right out of his pants! note to self "do not mess with that tuff muff unless you want to get into leglock and your face will be right next to her camel toe"
by flava_b November 23, 2008

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