10 definitions by flava b (bernie mac)

the feeling someone getz when combining certain perscription medicine like norcos, yellow mega man, valium, blue mega man, soma, white mega man.
damn! i got the spins & my body is tingling after poppin all those pills, i'm starting to feel like super ultra mega man.
by flava b (bernie mac) November 20, 2008
a certain way to say shit or oh shit without really cursing. works well in front of children.
when junior broke my bong, i yelled out "oh shnaps u little friggin a-hole" i was so pissed, but luckily i caught myself from cursing just in time.
by flava b (bernie mac) November 21, 2008
it's the act of clowning on a friend by pretending to give him dabs, or pound, or any handshake, then suddenly takes it away & makes a sharks fin on the forehead. trust me, it is a lot funnier went you are drunk.
as i was leaving work, i was shaking hands with co-workers and then i saw this guy who just messes with me a lot. i put my hand out to shake his hand, i pulled back & said " you got sharked!" everybody just started laughing so much, but only a few people get the joke.
by flava b (bernie mac) November 21, 2008
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