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3 definitions by flame thrower

The act of staging a person behind a tarp preferably on a picnic table with a candle lite no pants on butt near the candle and let it rip this is definatly a night time act then guess who did it
Hey what the hell is art doing on the table with no pants? He's getting ready to let off a monster bungson burner
by flame thrower March 12, 2009
Being either sweat or wind type pants. These pants are worn by law enforcment persons,that regular pants are to uncomfortable due to the amount of yummy pastries during a shift.
Hey officer, are you okay? It looks like your doughnut pants are on fire. There's nothing to see here mam! I was enjoying several beer whips with my pastry. When the bungson burner I was doing went 10 atom 12. You had better get back to your rusty brass quartet.
by flame thrower March 26, 2009
A feeling of strong elation.
Lily was so happy she could fly.
by Flame thrower July 15, 2014