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what you wish you were...yah thats right dont be jealouse of us because we are teen royalty and you are SCUM...you may think that you will get us back in the long run, but even if you do you will always be haunted by being the LeWsEr in highschool...so go eat by the dumpster biotch!
jesse:i wish i was popular like amy and katie
ryan:ya i wish you were too that way i could talk to you in public instead of just screwing you on thursday nights when your parents arent home and i sneak over here.
jesse:you could just talk to me in public anyways
ryan:are you fucking dumb? you may be pussy but im not willing to ruin my chances with amy or katie for your stupid ass
jesse:you have no chances with amy or katie
ryan:so? i still would never be caugh dead in public with you...now go throw up that nutragrain bar before you gain a pound.
by findingscreamo52 January 31, 2005
the best store ever made! they sell hott ass clothes! made to look awesome on people with a hot bod type like mine! all the people that dont like this store are probably really ugly and fat, and are just jealouse cause they cant look as hot in the clothes as me and my friends can! oh and the other girls are totally right, the guys there are orgasmic!! it totally even makes ugly guys look somewhat ok. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
oh and its owned by Abercrombie and Fitch, but that just makes it even more desierable! oh and the logo is a seagull not a eagle. durh!
hot girl 1:so you want me to get my friend to like you?
semi ok looking guy:uh ya thatd be cool
hot girl 1:its easy, go to Hollister
semi ok looking guy:really? its that easy?
hot girl 1:yah totally, huh?
hot girl 2:deffinetly, shell totally wanna do you after that.
semi ok looking guy: bomb!
by findingscreamo52 January 31, 2005
pretty people that wear abercrombi, hollister, american eagle, jcrew,polo, izod, and big designer names like D&G, Prada, Gucci, Pucci, Chloe, Versace, etc.
<3 <3 <3 <3
were fuckin hot as hell, love out lipgloss and hot boyfriend, play tennis and swim and cheer to keep our hot bodies!

youre jealouse so get a life bitch!
hot guy:and why are you tlaking to me??
ugly non prep girl: cause youre hot
hot guy:i know im hot but youre not i only associate with preps. go away
ugly non prep girl:*cries*
Amy or Katie:hey
hot guy:hey whats up? wanna go party? i like your shirt btw, abercrombie polos are so in
Amy or Katie:deffinetly, oh i know it, and so are those destroyed jeans youve got on.

*amy/katie and the hot guy go party and the ugly nonprep girl watches and wishes she was a hot prep like amy/katie*

the end
by findingscreamo52 January 31, 2005

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