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The result of poo transference during double penetration. When the pooner drops out of the anus and touches the penis that is ravaging the vagina, both penises become pooner pals
John and Jermaine doubled up on Cindy. John tagging the b-hole and Jermaine ravaging the vajayjay. John was getting so rough that his filthy pooner popped out and smeared pooge on Jermaine's cock, forever labeling them pooner pals.
by filthy spitfire March 26, 2010
The direct result of pulling out after anal sex, the penis is covered in a mixture of poo and spooge, or "pooge."
I fucked this filthy ass ho the other day. When I pulled out I had to wipe a ton of pooge off my cock.
by filthy spitfire March 26, 2010
A poo covered boner.
John pulled his pooner out of his wife's filthy ass and made her lick it clean.
by filthy spitfire March 26, 2010

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