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the most self-disciplined, intelligent, good-hearted, hardest working people you will ever meet. cheerleaders have a passion for the SPORT that no one else could ever understand. they often drive far to practice many hours everyday for all star teams and work their asses off while theyre there. they have the highest rate of injuries for any female sport even though they work hard to remain healthy and fit (not skinny). yes, they are friends with a lot of team members but simply because they spend SO much time together but often have many friends that fall into different stereotypes. they push themselves to get better everyday and if u still dont believe me, go to a competition!!!!

its with great vein that anyone tries to change the stereotype of cheerleaders but everyone would agree that the athletes will defend cheer til they die.
cheer isnt just a sport, its a way of life.

cheerleaders are AMAZiNG athletes and people.

by fierce legend December 08, 2005

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