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Based on the Japanese form of keitai shosetsu, or "cell phone novel", a twitter novel is the newest form of serialised fiction on the interwebs. The 140-character limited format and method of reading bottom-to-top offers great opportunities for experimentation within the novel form and makes the reader pay more attention than they would with straight-ahead dead tree fiction.
vermilionsands02: dude, have you been reading teenage_exiles? that twitter novel is deep!

dr.benway13: i know! what a mind fuck!
by fictional mixtape June 14, 2009
A substitution for the phrase "your dick" in the phrase "I wouldn't fuck her with your dick". Heard at a local Hot Topic.
Dude, I wouldn't fuck her with bradley sands!
by fictional mixtape September 15, 2008
Needing a shower, feeling "funky", not smelling good.
Yo, dat bitch's gina rinalli was feelin' kinda prunty!
by fictional mixtape September 15, 2008
Something extraordinarily tasty, esp. after smoking marijuana.
Now, I don't normally like cream sauces, but that carbonara was fucking fracalossius.
by fictional mixtape September 15, 2008
British slang, similar to d'yer mak'er, where one male asks another if he had sex with a female.
I saw you with Cindy the Slag down the pub last night. D'yer duza?
by fictional mixtape September 15, 2008
A rim job given after the giver has eaten jalapenos.
Yo, dat bitch gave me the crazy mellick!
by fictional mixtape September 15, 2008

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