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Originating from the movie "Teeth" based on a vagina with teeth, comes a theory on Genital dental hygene.
This rare disease occurs when the gum lines of the vagina become largely inflamed. Leaving this disease untreated may lead to the need for vaginal floss and vaginewash. If one decides to further neglect vaginal upkeep, one may need a vaginal retainer or even braces.
Most doctors will recommend vaginal toothpaste that comes in two flavors : penis and non-penis.

see Vaginal Orthodontist
Shit, someone better give that bitch some scope, she has mad vagingivitis.

That bitch needs to floss, she may be at definite risk of Vg; Vagingivitis

Nah man, don't go near her, She got some heavy Vagingivitis. Make yo dick fall off
by Fets May 10, 2009

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