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The state of being too much into a girl group such that it affects negatively different aspects of your life.

Taken from Odyssey by Homer, specifically the part of the Sirens (from wikipedia):

"They skirted the land of the Sirens, who sang an enchanting song that normally caused passing sailors to steer toward the rocks, only to hit them and sink."
friend 1> i see you're looking at that group's forum again.
friend 2> i didn't log out nor move away from my computer since..last time you saw me.
friend 1> hmmm.. i see you're having an odyssey.

friend 2> shouldn't i be 'skirting the land of the sirens'?
friend 1> ...
friend 2> ...
friend 1> well, odyssey sounds much cooler and compact than 'skirting the land of the sirens'.
by felipcaiisanagramfor January 07, 2012
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