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so, this definition was posted awhile ago-

"Definition of an Agnes Irwin girl: Wearing cashmere sweaters, Gucci sunglasses, and Tiffanys galore, these Philadelphian socialits take pride in their top notch prepatory education, the Agnes Irwin School. Arriving in BMWs, Audis, or Land Rovers, these blondes (if not outwardly, then at least at heart) not only know how to calculate daddy's trust fund, but also their 1300> SAT score. Special skills include superior hair flipping, being tan all year round, and looking sexy in a white buttondown shirt, collar up. When not applying to the top universities in the country, these AIS ladies may be spotted at parties with an Ivy League bound hunk, while taking shots of expensive liquor from their families wine cellars. Ultimately defined as one of beauty, wealth, and brains, an AIS girl will carry on the tradition of charming you with her classy styles and grace."

i believe that was the most pathetic thing i've ever read. i don't do to ais, baldwin, haverford, or whatever, i am in fact well out of college.

if you're proud of being that way, you need a serious reality check- what you have described it the most heinous thing most people in the real world could ever concieve. get ready for a rude awakening if you ever leave your precious main line and live in reality.
ps. you're all just really sad.
by feeling sorry for you May 05, 2005

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