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this beautiful girly who people have much love for. she'll always be there when you need her most and be that shoulder too cry on! yeh this girls a total babe and such a good bestfriend.you'll never loose hope if you have a hope in your life<33
hannah; i have the bestestestestestestest friend in the world.
hope; really whos that then?;/
hannah; you:')!
hope; awh thank you hunny bunch, have £100!
hannah; okay where is it?
hope; in ma pantss.
hannah; kay im going in.
hope; there isnt really but whats in there is worth £100;)
by feathers and spannah November 27, 2011
this is a girl that is naturally beautiful! she doesnt need make up, she doesnt need clothes, her body is perfect, with the perfect boobs. Pretty fiesty in bed aswell. Shes generous and is always there for you. No one could live without a hannah.
Girl; have you seen the new girl?
Boy; no, what she like?
Girl; well, shes really pretty and she doesnt wear any make up! she seems lovely!
Boy; phwoar, she must be a hannah! invite her round my house at 7?;)
by feathers and spannah November 27, 2011
Shes a total whore who flirts with the entire boy population. Shes in love with herself and makes up lies for 'fun' and causes shit between everyone. Boys love her but never know what shes really like.
person 1; did you see emma today?
person 2; yeh i saw her just round the corner snogging the face off this 'new boyfriend'.
person 1; i thought she only got a new one yesterday?:L
person 2; no, keep up, shes had 7 since then..
by feathers and spannah November 27, 2011

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