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Abortion is right because:

Killing helpless babies is comletely natural and a normal thing to do. After all, if something is inconvenient, kill it!

If the baby is born, you won't know what to do with it. There is no such thing as adoption.

It is the baby's fault for you getting pregnant. This is why you have every right to kill him/her. ITS THE BABY'S FAULT!

It would be utterly horrbile to carry a baby for 9 months that you didn't want. Why should you give your baby a chance at life?

Murder is a beautiful thing! And its morally right!

Babies have no purpose in this world. All of them should be exterminated.

Seriously though, babies are helpless and innocent. And for the people that think that the babies aren't techincally "alive" yet. In the first trimester of prenancy, that child has a heartbeat and it can move its tiny arms and legs. That is, until its tiny body is brutally taken out of the woman's womb and killed. If we were at all humane, we would at least inject a painkiller inside the child before murdering it.

Abortion is legalized murder.
by fdsklfaljalk July 15, 2006

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