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The saddest place in america. consits of white trash/ghetto niggahs/stuck up white kids/and mafiosos

If you live under the expressway your considered "poor" because its *gasp* the ..north...shore. OMG NOT THE NORTH SHORE!

oh and if you live on the south shore, your considered poor if you dont drive a white mercedes/lexus/bmw etc. you HAVE to try to act like the gottis and you need to be orange 24/7. they even opened a tanning salon at the mall!

i hate it here, i wish this island would sink its useless and the whole city of new york is ashamed that it belongs to it as one of it's boroughs. :]
staten island

avaerage south shore gotti wannabes:

Gotti wannabe 1: Yooo did your dad get his mercedes with his tax evasion money yet?

Gotti wannabe 2: naaa bro he got a white acura

Gotti wannabe 1: Ew your poor.
by fcalz July 10, 2008

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