22 definitions by fatty

some fat jews who spend their days talking about monsters
the eps talks about didimons all the time. i said "what are didimons?" and they said "your a punk ass tron."
by fatty January 20, 2005
Although not used much at all it means a Shaun Murphy Fucker.
There are no examples sorry...
by Fatty December 01, 2003
a fat pudgy short kid who can't play football for shit yet he joined the team. He is a homo and has no friends except an asian kid with squinty eyes, who secretly is his boyfriend.
chet is a fucking douchebag!!!!!!
by Fatty April 02, 2005
A general replacement for any noun.
What a brrt. That is a real brrt.
by fatty February 24, 2003
a Morman, as in the religion
that hot girl is a MO-MO
by Fatty July 14, 2003
Anyone who steals from a Year 9 student at Melbourne High School, Australia (derived from the olden day term 'Third')
Look at that Turd Burglar tag that Turd!! F*ckin Turds... Need to be taught a lesson
by fatty August 21, 2003
SAMWISE GAMGEE. CHUB MIN! AWA. beish's lova. Soo much cooler than elwood. So kin yet so large and chub. Corny.
Awa it's samwise.
Mr. Frodo.
Wow dude you need to lose some pounds. Go on the samwise diet.
by fatty March 14, 2003

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