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An extreme dirt dag or scum bag, the name is derived from an infamous street in Wynantskill New York.
Me: damn goo! What the fuck happened to your car?
Goo: fuckin crell bags from around the corner!
Me: shit dude...let's fuck them the fuck up
Goo: yeah let's do that (grabs baseball bat)
by fat scum March 12, 2008
A nickname for a Rottweiler dog because of there size, color and gate.
hot girl: aaaawww you dog is so cute !
mike: that's not a dog that's a street legal bear cub, right enzo ?
enzo: ruff !
hot girl: hahaha he's cute... want to fuck ?
mike: well yes i do
by fat scum March 12, 2008
A person who is in an extreme state of intoxication, during this state the person urinates on their self but instead of feeling bad or embarrassed they start to laugh and smoke several cigarettes with no pants on. In this state of mind people are more prone to larceny and breaking and entering.
neil : "yo last night marky was pissy drunky and robbed 6 cases of Heineken"
everyone : "yeeeaaahhh"!!!!

by fat scum March 03, 2008
(n). a person who is in need of durgs or action and is helpless to do or get any without someone doing all the work. also a pushy junky who won't stop untill they gets their durgs

EX # 1
(phone rings)
bill : "fuck! this asshole keeps calling me to put bets in for him"
adam : "why can't he call himself? "
bill : "cuz hes a fuckin junkster faggot fuck! "
EX # 2
willy : "mikey, roll a blunt"
mikey : "roll it yourself im busy"
willy : "i can't"
mikey : "huh your a fuckin junkster!"
willy : "haha yup"
by fat scum November 21, 2007
A nickname given to a woman who in gages in heavy drug use and loose sexual conduct on a daily basis. The term is used in stead of the woman's actual name because it is said that she parties like it's Saturday everyday.
billy: "did see saturday today ?"
rog: "na, why?"
joey: "because she smoked 2 blunts,riped 4 lines ,drink a half a bottle of wine, got fucked and then said she had to leave to go to the doctors."
mike: "hahaha... i think i love her"
by fat scum March 03, 2008
To be caught off guard and severely beaten by one or several assailants, in witch they continuously kick and punch the victim with bad intentions. The attack usually ends when the victim has lost Consciousness or concerned witnesses step in sometimes to no avail.
justin: did you hear what we did to that guy ?
me: he looked like he got brotherd up.
justin: damn right brother!!!!

adam: yo, at that concert some kid was talkin shit and got brotherd up!!
me: i love when that happens.
by fat scum March 03, 2008
Someone who is in constant state of high level creepiness over a long duration. The other characteristic of the term is being unaware or turning a blind eye to one own level of creepiness.
Man: wow you're a creep monster
Woman: no I'm not
Man: what would you call someone who tells me "i'm going to Jamaica with my ex boyfriend" after getting dug out
Woman: I don't know
Man: yeah arright
by fat scum March 05, 2008

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