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Literally meaning "Penn's Woods" but better defined by Democratic political strategist James Carville as "Philadelphia in the east, Pittsburgh in the west and Alabama in the middle!" Middle of the state jokingly referred to as "Pennsyltucky". Home of perpetual road construction and an important swing state in national politics. Powerball lottery state. Actually kinda nice.
If you want to win the White House, you must make a strong effort to win Pennsylvania.
by Fast Bobby April 08, 2004
The most wanted demographic of national political candidates during the 2004 election cycle; comprised of Southern and Midwestern white males age 25 and older who usually vote Republican, but can be swayed to vote Democratic if the candidate better addresses the issues they care about; for comparison, see also soccer momor Bubba
Bob Graham sponsored Jon Wood's Craftsman Truck Series ride in order to appeal to NASCAR Dads.
by Fast Bobby July 08, 2003
The experience many men feel immediately after ejaculation, most often during sexual intercourse but sometimes during masturbation, signaling that the particular sexual act wasn't worth their time and/or the person they have just hooked up with is unattractive or just not that sexually exciting.
After fucking the Titty Mongrel, Doug experienced an overwhelming sense of nut remorse, wishing he had rubbed one out instead.
by Fast Bobby February 24, 2009
Literally a public urinal in most major European cities, but sometimes a creative way of saying you are pissed off, or pissed off at someone, or someone is an idiot; sometimes used as an exclamation.
Damn it, Nelson, you are a real pissoir!

PISSOIR! I spilled the cleaning fluid on the shelf!
by Fast Bobby April 12, 2004
A bastardization of the phrases "Titty Monger" or "Tit Monger", used to describe a large-busted woman of relaxed moral character who frequented the dorms and fraternity houses of Colgate University in the late 80's and early 90's.
Scott C. and Scotty J. both hooked up with the Titty Mongrel after doing a few naked beer slides last night at OX.
by Fast Bobby January 27, 2004
Las Vegas slang for the Westward Ho Casino - so named for its dumpy, scummy appearance and clientele.
We walked into Westward Hole for the 5 cent coffee, but left quickly when we saw all the grubby dirtbags hanging out there.
by Fast Bobby January 21, 2004
Variation of gorillas referring to the hair that grows on your inner or outer ear
When I got the new MICROTOUCH trimmer, I found it to be so handy for trimming those hard-to-get earillas.
by Fast Bobby June 24, 2004

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