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Noun) A date that one purposely goes into to gain the satisfaction of dumping someone.

The length of the relationship can range from a breakup on the same day as the dump date, or months down the line.

Usually, the longer one maintains the relationship, the greater the satisfaction of breaking up.
Hey man, I'm going out for a dump date, it'll be a quick-fix though, I'll probably break up with her tonight, I don't have much time.
by Faraqueer April 19, 2009
Barnicle Syndrome is a chronic mental illness. Barnicle Syndrome commonly expresses itself in those with low-self confidence. Those with barnicle syndrome need to be at someone's side, 'clinging' to someone, or to be in sexual activity with someone in order to satisfy the gaping hole that their self-confidence lacks.
1: What a slut man... look at her making out with guy after guy
2: Nah dude, she's not a slut, she just has Barnicle Syndrome.
by Faraqueer June 15, 2009
A type of cereal that is inedible unless in an extreme state laughter. The shape of a Rofl O's is designed to fit the mouth of a rofling person.

Get your rofl O's now!

Will they cheer me up?

No, come back when you are rofling, lolling or lmaoing.
by Faraqueer March 26, 2009

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