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The fob way of saying whats up dude. You will typically hear the phrase "wa sa du" outside internet gaming cafes where there will be people of asian decent that happen to slur their words.
Wa sa du!? Not much man, I'm just really bummed I flunked my Calculus BC AP test. Its all good du. Wa sa!
by fa'irie force October 25, 2006
A state or feeling of extreme serenity and peace within your current state of being. To be one with yourself and existence. It is the way you feel when you have no worries whatsoever, all of life is good and you just want to chill. It is that high on life that is achieved when hanging out with friends and loved ones. Usually achieved through controlled substances.
Hey dude check out that dude, he's so fa'irie right now, hes totally one with himself looking all smooth and chillled out!
by fa'irie force October 24, 2006

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