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5 definitions by f u

the spot between your balls and asshole
Hey missy, stop licking my grundle! Its sweaty and smelly and hairy, you slut ass whore shit mofo
by F U May 17, 2003
2256 1429
it means asshole fuckers a curse for the earth freeking shit of people wanna fight is it...timidi
the haba is a freeking gangmen of a doggy rapist.
by f u April 29, 2004
10 11
even though im a skater or sk8erboi, dr dre is the most preferred rapper of them all.
dr dreis the only true rapper
by f u December 14, 2003
80 82
a indian freek we like to call kerpal. He sucks dick and is considered a genius. But thas ok because I can still beat the living shito out of him
Gerel your oh so very gay bitch
by F U May 17, 2003
2 8
When your ready to cum, let it loose and punch the male or female (depends on how you swing)untill he/she sumbitts and starts to bleed. Use a devise to mix the two and enjoy.
Hey you wanna go to dunkin doughnuts and get a jelly doughnut from the girl behind the counter
by F U May 17, 2003
2 25