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When someone pulls your underwear so high up your butt it takes a week to get it all out.
This is my story as a high school freshman. I did survive the following events, and they are 100% true, no matter what.
The school bully had been a bully forever. He had stayed in high school for two extra years, and he had his own system. Each week he selected one student to ruin forever. He was actually known for hospitalizing a few, and everyone was to scared to fight back. There was a rumor that once, he had slammed a freshman's testicles between two bricks and the kid lost his sex life forever. So I went to school, and was at my locker, when someone slammed the locker on my head. Dazed and mad, I turned around to see the bully. He told me, "Your my pick this week. Lets get to it." He grabbed the back of my underwear and lifted me off the ground. He took me outside to the parking lot. I whimpered and asked him not to hurt me. He just laughed. He walked me over to the portable toilet and opened the door. I smelled the strong smell of shit. He showed me what was inside. The thing hadn't been cleaned in over three months. I started to beg. He laughed and took off my clothes. Then he twisted my nipples hard. One even started to bleed. I cried, and he picked me up. He shoved my head into the stinking brown slop of diarrea and piss. It got in my mouth, and i puked. The bully grabbed the back of my undies and yanked as hard as he could. The underwear jammed up my ass, and then he flossed my ass with them. It burned and chafed. He gave me a final jock-lock wedgie and stuffed me inside the toilet. I was laying in shit and piss in my underwear, I couldn't move or talk. For 18 hours I lay in there, until the fat gym teacher took a shit on top of me, looked down and saw me. I am now in counseling and have transferred schools.
by extremewedgie March 19, 2009

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