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That would be me, sir.
So Eszett was walking along the streets of Haddonfield, and he saw Paul Dochney and Eszett said "Hi" to him. Good times.
by Eszett January 31, 2005
When a Diplomacy player writes convoy orders wrong.
P1: Hey! My convoy orders failed!
P2: You wrote them wrong, that's why! You pulled a Lipiecki!
by Eszett March 05, 2004
The funniest kid ever. He can always leave you ROFLling. Also known as Tony Blaire ROFLing.
Blair ROFLing left me ROFLing.
by Eszett November 14, 2004
don't forget 30 per cent of the human body :) it was once thought to be the common element in all acids, but that turned out to be hydrogen.
Ozone is an allotrope of oxygen.
by eszett August 26, 2003
A variety of kryptonite created by Mr. Mxyzptlk that inflicts random physical changes in Kryptonians. Word has it that Mxyzptlk transferred a portion of his sample or stockpile to the obscure Internet user SonicDeathMonk3y.
Ben claimed that SonicDeathMonk3y's red kryptonite cremated his Pikachu.
by Eszett February 26, 2004
a misspelling of "for" when someone is typing a mile a minute, or in capitalised form, the hypothetical compound of oxygen fluoride
Hey! That oxygen flouride is fo the birds!
by eszett March 08, 2003
A practically useless technology that joe 6-packs tend to like. However, Strong Bad's email is twicked cool just like everything else about Strong Bad.
Strong Bad checks his emails usually every Monday.
by eszett April 28, 2003

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