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2 definitions by esmerelda darkeagle

an option, is a male or female who is viewed by another person as someone they would like to have sex with, this is based purely on the physical appearance and is rarely acted upon, but often fantasized about.if sex is had with an "option" they loose their status, and become fling's or sex buddies.more than one option can be considered at one time i don't have "potentials" i have options.
when two people flirt outrageously and connect on a purely physical level, they can be viewed as the one of the others "options" - wow hes so hot - dibs as my option!
by esmerelda darkeagle October 08, 2010
a male or female who someone feels has the potential to be their boy/girlfriend and have a short - long term relationship with based on looks and personality, often used as a short hand for potential boyfriend/girlfriend, and can be referred to as PB or PG
Sarah asks Jenny if shes seen any potential at work,and she responds that there is a nice guy she likes. he is her Potential , because she considers the possibility of becoming an item
by esmerelda darkeagle October 08, 2010