2 definitions by eskimo joe

A wild majestic creature found living in the ruins of kansas city. Very few are known to still be around but if you see one you better take a picture. Typically all pearheads are female but they can switch gender when they want to get down on the get down. Not easily tamed or housebroken, although they are great with other animals. If I was going to bang an animal, it would be this one.
Wow look it's a pearhead! She reminds me of a great white buffalo! Im gonna go creep on it.
by eskimo joe June 03, 2013
A spaztek is essentially an energetic yet obscure individual who embodies the traits defined by the root word 'spaz'.
Quit being such a spaztek, you dirty ghoul-monger, before I feed you to mutant buffalos!
by Eskimo Joe November 06, 2005

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