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A person that does something amazing but another gets the credit. An Icelandic slang named after Bjarni Herjólfsson , the first known european to site America, but Lief Ericksen and Chris Colombus get all the credit. prounounced jar ni
Many think Milton wrote some of Shakespears plays and is a bjarni
by ernie theurer March 10, 2008
I phenomenom that arises rapidly from nowhere and affects a large group of people. For example-the internet stock craze, tulipomania, the south sea bubble, majohng, beatlemania, elvis
Princess Di, the beatles and elvis are obamanomenon.
by ernie theurer March 08, 2008
the word for a word that doesnt exist. usefull in scrabble when one is cheating.this word was in the dictionary for years and didnt exist-whatever that means
a flibbidygrunt is not a word its a dord
by ernie theurer March 10, 2008
The act of being fantastic
I won the NY marathon in record time I was just fantastical.
by ernie theurer March 10, 2008
A ridicolously good looking man that seems perfect in every way but cant win the big one- An upstate NY slang term from Gov Tom Dewey- the man from the top of the wedding cake. Dewey had impecable credintials for president and was considered a shoe in but lost to Harry Truman
That Mitt Romney is a super dewey- he has it all but cant get what he wants
by ernie theurer March 10, 2008
A wealthy person openly empathetic to the plight of the poor yet does little about it
If Teddy Kennedy is so concerned about the plight of the poot why dont they give a meaningful portion of their wealth away such a plutocrite
by ernie theurer March 10, 2008
one who exercises political power or seeks to due to the accomplishments of their parents. For example George W Bush, Al Gore Jr, Andrew Cuomo, Mitt Romney, The Kennedys.
Soon Jenna Bush or George P will be running for office just another nepocrat.
by ernie theurer March 10, 2008

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