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n - holiday; during a specific period, Pastafarians must eat nothing but Ramen noodles, in order to feel the pain of poor college students who are unable to purchase anything but this particular food. It is also best to be dressed in full pirate attire for this holy time.
Pastafarian1: dude are you fasting for Ramendan?
Pastafarian2: nah man
Pastafarian1: the FSM shall smite you and throw you into the Hot Sauce!
by Eric von Douchebag September 13, 2008
When u sound like a philosopher.
ZomgIMhot: lyk omg hi
ZOmGimcool: lyk hi
ZomgIMhot: lyk lol
ZOmGimcool: omg that iz lyk sooo aristotlistic!
ZomgIMhot: Zomg wtf thats lyk 6 syllables!
by eric von douchebag June 24, 2008

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