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Sitting Texas Congressman and one time Libertarian Party presidential candidate. The only honest man left in Washington.
I bet Ron Paul's speeches on the floor of congress are a real annoyance to all the theiving, lying, murdering, slime-dripping scumbags there.
by epsilon minus January 18, 2004
The idea that minorities will be safer when only the rampart division is allowed to have guns.
Gun control laws in the Old South were only enforced against black people.
by epsilon minus January 18, 2004
Select-fire assault rifle designed by a Russian guy named Kalashnikov. Semiautomatic-only versions are legal to own in most American states. Ruggedness and reliability are excellent. AKs basically work the way they're supposed to every time and are nearly indestructible, but the accuracy is nothing to write home about. (Cf. AR-15, FAL)
I accidentally ran over my AK with my truck and it still worked!
by epsilon minus January 18, 2004
Gun Owners of America. Americas largest pro-gun organization, the NRA being stealth gun-grabbers.
The GOA almost got Vermont carry passed in my state, but those bastards in the NRA sabotaged them.
by epsilon minus January 18, 2004
Semiautomatic version of the M-16 used by the United States military, legal for civilian ownership in most states thereof. Uses the .223/5.56 NATO round. Like the M-16, it's accurate but not very reliable because of its direct gas impingement system.
My buddy got killed by home invaders because his AR-15 jammed. He should have bought an AK or FAL.
by epsilon minus January 18, 2004
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