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phrase. as in, "that's cool/good/sweet/fuckin awsome"
"i just got a 100 on my math test!", "that's crack"
you're bro got some sweet new kicks> "those shoes are mad crack"
"what's really gracious man?", "i heard jamiriqui is throwin a party", "that's crack"
by enrico swwwave July 12, 2006
"whats going on?", or "what's up for tonight?"
may be used as, "What's really gracious right now shon/B/broseph?"

also, if someone is getting you pissed off and you're about to throw down

as in, "what's really good?"
i call Tim and he's like, "What's really gracious?", and i'm like, "You're garbunkin outta control right now!"
by enrico swwwave July 12, 2006

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