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A Pump Monkey is anyone who is the gas attendent at a gas station. This is one of the lowest jobs someone can have.
1 - Guess what! I got a job!

2 - Where?

1 - Gas Station, pumping gas!

2 - HA! You are such a Pump Monkey!
by Enigma Pie July 29, 2006
Canmerican is the speech of someone who lives in Canada and has an american accent or vice versa. The speaker of this language adds sch to the start of any sl words and dzzzz to any words starting with de. This is a very annoying and confusing speech to anyone who hears it.
Teacher : Today class well be finding the schlope of a line. As you see the schlope of this line will seem like it is schlowing down. So the answer is 36.57 and don't forget your dzzzzzmal point.

Student 1: Man I can't understand her at all.

Student 2: Yeah it's because of her shotty Canmerican.
by Enigma Pie April 26, 2006

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