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A phrase that is fairly old but popularized into a meme via the Skyrim quote

"I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee"

It has since found its way into youtube and message boards alike. Where a comment vaguely involving a video on youtube coupled with the phrase "but then I took an arrow to the knee" can attract hundreds of thumbs up.
It has since become more of spam then anything being put everywhere on every video regardless of relation. However it still fits on skyrim videos and is rather funny when paired correctly.
Me: -Browsing youtube-

Me: -reads comments on video about chocolate bar-


Me: Okay....
by engineer is spy December 10, 2011
In the context of real life someone who spends periods of time in an area, therefore you may even consider your home a campsite.

In the context of video games, mainly first person shooters camping varies, for example in a game like Battlefield 3 or Team fortress 2, taking cover to guard an objective or flag or other such position may sometimes be necessary, however in a game like Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 it is considered- with good reason, an illegitimate tactic, mainly because if it's an objective game mode. The camper may leave the objective for the purpose of only gaining kills for himself, or it may occur when they wish to maintain a K/D. With the killspeed of guns in call of duty it only makes sense to frown upon this, since the maps are so tiny in call of duty there is no sniping either.
Xx_Qu33RBOiM4nX_X_X34920385982305803928 has killed Joe Jack using a claymore

Joe Jack: Camper

Xx_Qu33RBOiM4nX_xxxx_X34920385982305803928: AMG LIEK L33RN SKE1LL
by Engineer is spy November 17, 2011
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