17 definitions by ender

1. Cheap, smelly cheese illegally made in bathtubs.
2. One who gets owned by Ender in CS
Culbe was owned by Ender in a game of Counter Strike
by ENDER April 21, 2003
The sound a fart makes
My ass just went phbbbttt!
by Ender June 19, 2003
Very nearly the best freeware game in the known universe, second only to ZZT
Icy Tower kicks all ass! Except ZZT.
by Ender December 11, 2003
See also: Shocker The term "shocker" spurred the comic Didgit n' Boo penned by Brian Murphy.
Didgit was the finger, Boo was, well, the boo,
by Ender February 05, 2005
without sense; of no real importance. also can be used in context with the mentally handicapped.
The poor ruppy child just sat there permisively, drueling all over herself, unaware that all could see.
by ender March 03, 2005
From Christopher Moore's hilarious novel "Fluke".

Used when bad shit happens.

The opposite of bee's knees
I spent the night in jail because of a so called "friend"; that is some heinous fuckery most foul.
by Ender December 04, 2004
same as wipe, to go from an under to up position on your butt crack
But I whipe my own ass
I whipe my own ass
by Ender July 22, 2003
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