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means super cool!!! in a (chill-relax) chillax manner
ex: coolyo can't wait to kick-it with u
by emostyle September 15, 2009
to say 'see ya later' or 'talk to you later' in a fun cute rhyming manner.

originally spelled 'later gator' the old-skool term from 'see ya later alligator' 'after while crocodile'..... but when term is shortened to 'later gator' its forever changed to new-age slang using new-age spelling....... 'lator gator'
ex: the show starts @ 8pm! lator gator
by emostyle September 15, 2009
people are idiots
ex: i can't believe some of the dumb-ass definitions people post for slang words here at urban dictionary...... pplridiots
by emostyle September 15, 2009
woah my friend!

the expression of being suprised or shocked while addressing your friend.

O_o + dood = dO_od
ex: i didn't know you just got out of jail dO_od
by emostyle September 15, 2009
dp is an abbreviation for the words DEFAULT PHOTO or DEFAULT PICTURE

mainly used online in myspace or facebook
ex: very cute ;) nice dp
by emostyle September 15, 2009

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