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The only music gayer than rap. Puerto Rican faggots listen to it when they are driving through Orlando with seven of their family members packed into their shitty twenty year old Honda Accords with stupid looking five foot tall spoilers.

They think it makes them look cool and sets them apart as a distinct American subculture. In reality everyone who is not Puerto Rican thinks they are fucking retarded lazy ass holes who come to the states with an entitlement mentality, and expect Americans to change in order to accomodate them instead of assimilating into the mainstream American culture.
Steve, "My neighbors kept me up all night last night sitting on their porch, drinking Coronas, and listening to reggaeton."

Rick, "Why didn't you do anything about it?"

Steve, "I called the Sheriff's Office but the deputy was a puerto rican who only got his job because of affirmative action, so he just went over there and said hi to his cousins."
by emeffer September 03, 2009

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