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when people come to norwalk they only
define east nowalk as rich . all the
other parts to them and to some norwalkers
are ghetto. but there are other very wealthy parts of norwalk, not just eastnorwalk. but the sono apartments in
south norwalk are really expensive & gorgeous ! its like the soho of norwalk. south norwalk is historical, beautiful,
and is home to very expensive resturaunts
and shopping stores ! although there are some gehtto parts of south norwalk.as for west norwalk they have million dollar homes locked away in the woods. another thing
people assume is that all the black people
are poor & ghetto. which really annoys me
because im black , i live in east norwalk, and have been to shore and country club !
i live in a neighborhood when my neighbors
have a mercedes. im not stuck up or snobby. and im certainly not preppy just because i go to shore and country club. im showing ignorant people that there are upper middle class black people doing just fine in an equally wealthy norwalk. no other city in fairfield county is any better than norwalk. and im defending norwalk as a whole. yeah it is a wealthy town, it has its ghettos but then again there could be
a mansion up the street. norwalk is great, diverse town. youll never meet people like this as in say westport or new canaan.
out of towner: where are you from
connecticun: connecticut
out of towner: ohh so your rich , where from
fairfield county .
connecticun: yeahh; im from norwalk.
out of towner: thats not as wealthy as westport or somthing.
out of towner: trust me it is .
by em (: August 22, 2008

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