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2 definitions by em[ily] grace

An Insult, Should Only Be Used When You're Extremely Mad At The Person.
(( May Not Go Over Well When You Call Someone It ))
Person 1: You Stupid Smarkie Face!
Person 2: What The Hell Did You Just Say To Me?
Person 1: I Called You A Smarkie Face! You Got Pwned!
Person 2: Oh, I'll Show You Who'll Get Pwned All Right...
Person 1: Oh No!
by em[ily] grace May 03, 2008
This Word Is Undefinable.
It Has No Meaning.
Person 1: Okie Dokie Artichokie Pokie Smokie Smarkie!
Person 2: That Doesn't Rhyme...
Person 1: Oh Yes It Does, Cuz I Said So!
by em[ily] grace May 02, 2008