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181 definitions by elsquid

When your kid gets on your computer and checks-out all the porn web sites and you end-up getting hit with a heavy barrage of spam.

My kid's computer broke down; so I let him use mine. Now, I'm getting a spam saturation-bombing: collateral spamage!

by elsquid April 23, 2009
A Middle-aged Urban Failure

Alternate spelling: 'muffy'.
He needs to spend some money on a new wardrobe and quit looking like a total muffie?
by elsquid August 19, 2009
Poorly-written, non-lyrical poetry -- which you should never listen to while driving, or operating heavy machinery.

I tried to stay focused, but after a half-hour of that never-ending prose-yak, my brain switched to Stand By.
by elsquid February 09, 2009
A huge impending sneeze you know you can't prevent.
As soon as my dentist's hot assistant started on me, I felt a monster juggersnot coming on.
by elsquid October 22, 2009
good cop/bad cop
Take Scarface here down to the station and give him the sweet and sour pork treatment.
by elsquid October 02, 2009
verb: to eliminate any or all Elvis impersonators \ noun: Elvisceration
They're marching to Vegas in protest of the international conspiracy to Elviscerate the world.
by elsquid September 30, 2009
A sarcastic expression of gratitude to an unpleasant women – usually spoken in a muffled manner, so as to be mistaken for "thank you".
Hostess: "I refuse to seat anyone costumed as Elvis Presley."

Elvis impersonator: "Skank you... skank you very much."
by elsquid September 27, 2009